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Eze Repairs


An Unmatched Lifetime Guarantee

  • We handle Pan India repairs for mobility devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets and other turnkey products. Most of the brands outsource their warranty to our network across the country.

  • If your mobile phone is not working but there’s no obvious damage, you might find the solution in our self-help section on this website. However, if you think your phone has a fault, we can repair both hardware and software problems.

Advantages that we give to the customer:

  • We provide to the customer a lower warranty management cost through scale effects.

  • We help in providing a better customer experience through a proper Quality Assurance and a stable process.

  • We pride ourselves with a improved repair quality and hence therefore reduce bounce rate.

  • Stable and improved turnaround times

  • Trusted and certified service partner network across India.

We have the following levels of repair – L0, L1, L2, L3 and L4 repair levels, where the following is the definition of repair

Level of Repair

Level 0

Issuing DOA Certificate, Accessories Replacement

Level 1

Software upgrading, Escalation to Higher level, Parts cleaning

Level 2

Replacement of LCD, Camera, Lens, and Key pad Dome, Mic., Ringer, Speaker, Flash LED, and Antenna (Mechanical).

Level 3

Replacement of LCD (multi point solder type), Charging Connector (multi point solder type

Level 4

Main board Replacement, Oscillators, Tuner, FM IC, Charging IC, FM IC., I/O IC.